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More than Enough

More than Enough is a heart-filled narrative of the struggles and triumphs of the author, Ms. Shirelle "Diamond" Hogans. She doesn't provide you with a story-line to follow. Instead, she allows her readers to take a journey no matter how brief into some of the pitfalls of her life. It was in those pitfalls that she found clarity if not absolution.

It is a read that I imagine is geared to and aimed at women, however, men can learn if they take the time to look through the pages of this work.

What makes this read so profound is the lessons that she provides. In showcasing her heartbreak and letdowns that is caused (whether it is by family or friends) she moves forward to reclaim what was lost. She dares her readers to follow her on the same journey. Some, I would imagine will make it and pass the test with flying colors while others will not. This is not the type of journey that always culminates in a happy ending because it is not that type of read. This publication is designed to make the reader think so that they can make better choices for themselves and in that find a sense of peace that may have alluded them for years.

She masterfully probes into the inner-workings of the human spirit and weaves her way through emotional challenges. She dares herself and her readers to look deep into themselves to obtain the answers that is needed to make the declaration to the world that she and her readership is More than Enough.

Kudos to Ms. Hogans for adding another gem to the literary world. I give her read a five out of five stars!

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