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The past is past. It should stay there.

Childhood memories are powerful things. Siblings Tarek, Indigo, and Drake spent every summer at their grandparents’ farm in Darcy County, Georgia, but it’s been years since they’ve gone south.

When they learn that the farm is being sold, purchased by a man who has accumulated land all over the county, they put their busy lives on hold to go back and say farewell to the past and have a reunion with the family members who remain. But things in Georgia aren’t what they remember, or possibly even what they seem. One aunt has cut ties and gone north, never to be heard from again, while another cousin is desperate to leave – and unwilling to say why.

When they agree to go on an old-time carriage ride after a family picnic, they encounter something far more dangerous than a journey into the South’s distant past – and discover that some memories are better left forgotten.

What lurks beneath the sun-baked soil of Georgia? Uncover the chilling past - and present - in Plantation, available now where all books are sold.

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