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So much has happened in 2023.  I had a much needed kidney transplant and I officially founded "Four Brothers Publications LLC."  Four Brothers Publications is excited about the latest work to join the Four Brothers library.  The latest work is titled, "Plantation."  Plantation tells the story of a blended African American family that travels to Darcy County, GA to close out their family farm that had once been the place where the main characters spent their summers as children.  They find themselves enslaved in the "New South."  The family now has to find out a way out of slavery while battling a coven of witches that threaten to keep them in bondage.

This work is available on multiple platforms such as Barnes & Nobles, Smashmouth and Amazon.  Paperbacks can be purchased at exclusively or your can order your copy on this website for a discount.

The past is past. It should stay there.


Childhood memories are powerful things. Siblings Tarek, Indigo, and Drake spent every summer at their grandparents' farm in Darcy County, Georgia, but it's been years since they've gone south.


When they learn that the farm is being sold, purchased by a man who has accumulated land all over the county, they put their busy lives on hold to go back and say farewell to the past and have a reunion with the family members who remain. But things in Georgia aren't what they remember, or possibly even what they seem. One aunt has cut ties and gone north, never to be heard from again, while another cousin is desperate to leave – and unwilling to say why.


When they agree to go on an old-time carriage ride after a family picnic, they encounter something far more dangerous than a journey into the South's distant past – and discover that some memories are better left forgotten.  


What lurks beneath the sun-baked soil of Georgia? Uncover the chilling past - and present - in Plantation, available now.



The series, “Lean on me: a caregiver’s guide to safeguarding and supporting healing from sexual abuse” is now available to view online at:


Child sexual abuse and exploitation are pervasive in the United States, with 1 in 4 female and 1 and 6 male children experiencing some form of sexual violence before they turn 18. Safeguarding children against sexual abuse and exploitation can be a daunting responsibility, and truly caring for and supporting a child who has experienced the devastating effects of these crimes can be challenging. In this much-anticipated  series, we will explore the topics of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation, the effects of these forms of violence on children and those around them, and provide caregivers with advice and tools for supporting them on a journey of healing.

Next Generation/RAINN has produced a video that is a must see

New YouTube Channel that deep dives into molestation issues as it pertains to male survivors

How do you begin the conversation surrounding sexual abuse?  How do you begin to talk about this with your children? Join me & my fellow panelists for RAINN’s “Back-to-School Panel” as we have a powerful conversation around healing after sexual abuse:



I was interviewed by Benji Cole, son of Al Cole of Al Cole Enterprises that is an affiliate of CBS.  If you missed the interview, you can click on the file below to hear the interview in it's entirety:

The Book Has Been Released:

Groomed has been picked up and published by Page Publishing - a publishing house based in New York.  The reviews are starting to come in and this is what they are saying:

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsI would recommend this book to everyone!

By Lila M. Jones on January 29, 2018

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

I am blown away by the honesty and courage it took for the author to write this book! I felt every hurt and cried, and every victory and rejoiced with him. The book is very well written and insightful, especially the chapter on Christianity. I would recommend this book to parents, victims, and every man or woman who has ever struggled with their sexuality, identity or self worth.

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 starsA must read for parents and teachers

December 21, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

This book comes at a most critical time in our society. With so much abuse being reported in today's media, the author puts into perspective the reasons why a victim may stay quite. Many may not realize that in a lot of ways the victim has been "Groomed ". Mr. Whitehead sheds light on topics that maybe taboo for many people. Male children being abused, is not often discussed, and many times you make not think to ask your sons the right questions, or any questions about someone being inappropriate with him. I have learned a great amount of information from the author, and he has opened my eyes to so many different key areas. This is a book every parent should read and can also be used an opening to ask those very important questions.


4.0 out of 5 starsThis is a great book. The author by using his experiences gives ...

December 15, 2017

Format: Paperback

This is a great book. The author by using his experiences gives insight to abuse and how we are either silent about it or in denial of it. I believe this book will be a fantastic teaching tool in how to have these kinds of conversations. I recommend this book to those that want a good read or just want insight to this growing issue today.

Talented Writer

I enjoyed this book alot. Jerome makes the book come to life. I love the way it was written to make you feel like your there. Feeling what he feels and seeing what he sees. He is an extrodinary writer and I hope to read more from him. This book was very inspiring and I hope it helps others to tell their story as well. I think its important for people to know where somone has come from and who they are as a person. This book really does speak to you. I wish you the best and many more to come.

by Dimaris Glover on January 31, 2018


I finally found a publisher for my latest work entitled, "Groomed."  After trying without success to secure a literary agent, I decided to go with the services of a hybrid publisher.

This is all virgin territory for me but the contract is straight forward enough.  I had to go through a submission process and as luck would have it, they selected my book as one that they believed to have enough literary value to make decent sales with the correct marketing strategy behind it.

Contracts will be signed this week and I will gather additional information on the production of this work as details become available.

~ J.L. Whitehead

Latest work soon to be released

After carefully seeking the representation of a literary agent in this industry for many years, a literary agent finally requested to read the first fifty pages of my most recent work entitled "Groomed."

The story chronicles the sexual abuse that I endured starting at the age of six and culminated when I reached the age of thirteen.  I tried to tell the story as honest as I could from the vantage point of a 13 year old abuse victim and a 55 year old survivor.  The story is aimed at single women with children and gay male survivors who may be struggling with emotional issues but have yet to make the correlation between their current mental state and their abuse.

Hopefully, this will initiate a dialogue that needs to be had!!!

~ J.L. Whitehead

Men Don't Talk About It!!


We're used to being protector's, providers and caregivers.  We are used to being the ones that our families come to when they need strength and protection.


Unfortunately, many of us (1-6 to be precise) have been the victims of child molestation.  We don't talk about it because it is so far removed from the roles in life that we portray.  In all of those hats that we wear, being a victim isn't one of them.


We don't talk about it because it is easier to repress and forget rather than to relive and recover.


In the course of speaking with some male survivors, I've come to realize that when something is taken from you unwillingly, your response may range from anger to indifference.  We may not understand that from the moment of that first touch, wanted or unwanted, your emotional psyche has been altered.  For heterosexual men, the emotion thrown out of whack for them may be anger.  After all, it isn't natural for a heterosexual man to sleep with another man.


But what about gay men?  If it is natural for a gay man to sleep with another man, what emotion is thrown out of whack for them?


Being an abuse survivor who admits to being gay, I've come to realize that the emotion that was compromised for me was the need for love, inclusion and acceptance.


In "45 Years of Dark" I chronicle my personal experiences from the time of my molestations ( happened more than once by more than one perpatrator) to my realization that I was a victim and that I needed to reclaim what many a gay man needs to reclaim...their sense of their true self.


It took a lot out of me to put this project together and initially, I didn't even want to write it because I didn't want to relive the darker parts of my life.  But as the title suggest, I've lived in the dark for most of  my life.  It's time to shine the light into those dark places and walk into the warmth of healing.


This book is for any gay man who knows what it is like to have their innocence compromised because of a predator.



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Check out my blog that chronicles the journey from writing for fun to writing for profit!


If you read something that touches you, please leave a comment.  I will always get back to you!!!





Youtube video of "Bruthas" - Check it out!!!


Check out the articles that include reviews and interviews with some of the local areas hottest authors!




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