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I started writing "Plantation" unwillingly. It was only at the urging of a friend who saw my initial draft of the first few pages that I thought maybe...just maybe I can tell a decent story about a blended family that becomes enslaved in the "New South." As I worked on the story line and started to fall in love with the characters did I decide to take the story into a realm that incorporated witchcraft and unseen creatures that resided in the woods outside of most of the plantations.

For me, no matter how crazy the story becomes, the key is to make the story believable. I wanted to show a range of diversity in my character selection and it was with this decision that I wanted the book to take me into the genre of horror.

"Plantation" touches on horror but it is not a horror story per se. It has elements that could be deemed as unsettling for the average reader but at the end of the day, I want my readers to come away saying, "that was a good book."

Brothers Tarek and Drake Robeson along with their sister, Indigo Robeson find themselves enslaved when they go to close out the family property of their deceased grandparents. Each one of the Robeson's comes with baggage...some of it good and some of it not so good. All of those issues take a backseat as they become enslaved in the "New South" which uses black bodies as forced labor even though the plantation owners have all of the modern conveniences of technology and machinery to run the land they own.

One of the main plantations houses a coven of witches who will hold onto power at all costs, but the caveat to their power is that they have to be all together for any major spells to work. They can use their powers individually but the farther they go from the plantation, the weaker their powers seem to be.

"Plantation" explores the mindset of modern day slavery specifically addressing why some of the slaves choose to stay while others try to break free the first chance they get.

I really hope that you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it. And as always, I welcome your comments...good or bad. Click on the highlighted link below to purchase.

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